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                                                          Contemporary Chinese Marxist philosophy research paradigm of Jiangsu normal university innovation research center (hereinafter referred to as paradigm center), is a research center, data center, has a lot of literature. Paradigm center not only has the Marx and Engels complete Chinese version, also in possession of complete works of Marx and Engels German. Paradigm center is the largest collection of features, relying on a key project of national social science fund hosted by professor Ren ping contemporary Chinese Marxist philosophy research paradigm innovation research, in the further study of contemporary Chinese Marxist philosophy research paradigm and innovation as the research direction, Marxist philosophy research data collection work. Currently, the research center has been collected in the Marxist philosophy PhD programs related to tutor's academic works and other works of more than 3000 copies, nearly all academic theses, has established a preliminary study of contemporary Chinese Marxist philosophy paradigm database, to promote the development and innovation of contemporary Chinese Marxist philosophy research provides a rich literature.